The Bark

Dog gave Mak some rules this time..."Remember the Dog House Rules":

Rule 1:"IT CAN'T BE WILD if it's mild"
We don't do mild. We do it for the WILD. Get in touch with your inner-Super-Sonic-Zoom-Dog. Howl at the moon. We're talkin' dancing bees, mustard seed pillows, parades of lemon drops and saltwater taffy. Do it for the FLAVOR baby!"

Rule 2: "Bad Dog Says NO to Junk"
Liquid Smoke, artificials, Corn Syrup, more sugar and Ketchup? WOOF. That's no
barbeque sauce, that's flavored ketchup! We say no. Say YES to the rediscovery of the original, all natural, mother sauces in all their glory. Find out why the ultimate condiment for your barbeque starts with the old school V&P!

Rule 3: "Respect thy neighbor, but This ain't Kansas City
Straight out of South Carolina with the original bright and tangy blends that are Mak's Bad Dog signature. We've got love for the other styles, but this is beyond barbeque sauce- it'severything sauce. Don't bother puttin' it away, keep it on the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's amazing what you can put these sauces on when you ain't chokin' yerself on all that ketchup and liquid smoke.

Rule 4: "Say Yes to Smoking"
Yessir, I will chase you up a tree if you use a gas grill. A great sauce will make any food better, but great barbeque starts with how you cook it. Our top choice is real bbq pit style. That's low and slow cooked over wood fire coals. And you know what happens next... the fat drips on the coals and every dog in the neighborhood starts a howlin'. Now that's a smoke signal my friend.

Rule 5: "Don't forget your Dog Dawg?!"
Share the love of great barbeque with your family, friends, neighbors- and especially your dog- "that's 2 for me, 1 for you", 2 for me 1 for you... and hey I'll take those bones too.

6: "Sauce for Chicken, Sauce for Ribs, Sauce for Brisket, Honey Sweet, Sweet Hot"
Bad Dog says Yakkity, Yak...Yawn Seriously humans? No, no nooooo. Any or all of our mother sauces is bark-at-the-moon, people make funny faces delicious on anything your heart desires. Great sauce is great on anything. Everyone that tries our sauces never buys regular mustard, ketchup or steak sauce again- it's that good.

Rule 7: "Smoke in your sauce?- put the man on a leash and hold me back!"
"Why on dog's green, happy fields would you do that for? Smoke in a bottle?! I lift my leg to that. Every good Que Dog knows the beautiful smoke flavor comes from the careful selection of woods that comprise your coals?"

Rule 8: "BBQ Cookin' 101: Temp Control"
"Whoa, whoa, whoa- slow down there wild man!" Don't be in a rush to put those ribs on! You just got that fire started in there. Temp control is mostly a lesson in self control. Go beg yo' self a biscuit until that temp gets down to 225. If your temp runnin too hot to put the food on, stop cryin' like a cat and take out a few coals

Rule 9: "BBQ Cookin' 101: Let it Ride"
"Whoa, whoa- here we go again. Stop twitchin and go get one of those drinks that makes you people do funny things. Mostly- step away and just keep the lid on. Great barbeque loves nice and steady even temperatures. If you keep peekin at your foods, your temps will fluctuate. Keep that lid on and let it ride. Remember: You ain't cookin' if you lookin".

Rule 10: "BBQ Cookin' 101: To Wrap or Not to Wrap"
Some folks frown on wrapping. You gotta go with what you need from your food. If your cookin' ribs and you got some folks who want 'em to fall off the bone, you best be wrappin those ribs in foil after a couple hours and puttin' em back in to finish. Mark from "10 Bones Cooking Team in Memphis says: "If you ain't wrappin' you ain't winnin'."


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